Monday, December 19, 2011

A little obsessed

I have been meaning to check out this small nail polish shop for quite some time now, but I never really had time to take a trip out there...until now.  It's the kind of place that sells nail polish at a discounted price for those who work in the nail industry.  It's hard to come by places like these that don't require a license for purchase so I was thrilled when I heard about it.  My sister an I have been loving Essie lately so that's where a majority of our money went to.   I was content with my purchase and about to check out until the worker informed me that they were selling China Glaze crackle polishes for $1.50 which was something I definitely could not pass up.  I wish I had more money to spend, but we plan on making it a "thing" to go there whenever she's home.

Annddd...Check out my sister's nail art swatches


  1. Jae, where is this place at?!

  2. It's at a little shop in Argyle...I can't remember the name exactly.