Tuesday, June 4, 2013

DIY: Clip-In Hair Bows

I've been seeing hair bows pop up everywhere lately, and I think that they are a really pretty touch to add to an outfit. They are also usually super overpriced. BUT they are easy and cheap to make at home, and you can add your own personal touches if you choose to do it yourself, without even picking up a needle. I also think that these could be equally as adorable as a bow-tie for a little boy and I would make a ton if I had one.

What you'll need:
Fabric (1/4 yard is sufficient for three or four or more bows depending on the size)
Fabric Glue
Alligator Clips

Step 1: Fold over the 1/4 yard fabric lengthwise one time, the desired width of your bow.

Step 2: Fold that same side over one more time to get a neater edge.

Step 3: Cut the fabric right at the edge of the fold.

Step 4: Fold over one end to the middle of the fabric, and apply fabric glue.

Step 5: Fold the other half of the fabric to meet the previous fold, overlapping slightly.

Step 6: Cut a strip off the original fabric to be used for the center of the bow. It should be about 3 times the desired width of the center.

Step 7: Apply fabric glue to the edge of this newly cut fabric strip.

Step 8: Fold the fabric in thirds, pressing down lightly so the glue sticks.

Step 9: Take the body of the bow and pinch it in the center.

Step 10: Wrap around the center of the bow with the middle fabric, cut to a reasonable length, and glue down.

Step 11: Glue on an alligator clip to the back, and allow to dry.

That's it! There are numerous sizes you can make and patterns you can use. Just be creative with it and enjoy!


  1. Wow, that looks super easy to make! And it looks so pretty in your hair. Thanks for sharing how to make them :)

  2. They look so cute! A really great diy!