Monday, May 28, 2012

Currently Loving

my clothing rack: It sounds pretty lame, but I just bought this from target to use in addition to my normal closet.  It has helped me stay a bit more organized.  Things are easier to see, and it allows me to consider clothes that have been hidden in the back of my closet for quite some time.
puzzles: I think that I do one puzzle every summer and when I do I become addicted to it until I finish.
catching fire: It's the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy.  It keeps you sucked in from the beginning and it is definitely worth reading.  I can't wait to start the third.  
drink spout: The correct name for this is escaping me right now.  This is greatest five dollars that I have spent recently.  It was holding sangria when I took the picture, but since then it has been amazing for making iced tea which I drink constantly in the warmer months.  You can just fill it with water, throw some tea bags in, and let it sit in the sun until its ready.  Add some frozen berries and you'll be good to go for a few days at a time.
tiger balm: This old chinese topical contains camphor and menthol that feels amazing when you rub it on sore muscles after a tough workout.
herbalism: This facial cleanser from lush is great in the summer months when my skin tends to be oilier.  This, as well as keeping hydrated and getting a lot of sleep has been saving my skin lately.
pink and gold chain necklace: I bought this from H&M and I love the contrast between the pink and the gold. 
crossword puzzles: I have been taking the metra back and forth from the city a lot lately.  These keep my occupied and I am starting to get pretty good at them.
opi's i have a herring problem: I picked this up a little while ago from the Holland collection.  It is a pale blue with tiny flecks of glitter in it which looks great on the nails.

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  1. Puzzles! They're so fun, I haven't done one in such a long time! I, too, can't stop til I finish putting it together :)