Tuesday, June 19, 2012

a very wise woman once told me...

The hardest part of having someone visit is knowing that they're eventually going to have to leave

I recently had family visit from California for about a week. This was well overdue because we don't really get a chance to see each other too often. It was a good excuse for my extended family get together which is something that, nowadays, doesn't happen as much as it should. I had the week off of work so I was able to show them around downtown and just chilled with the family as much as possible. I think they had a good time and I appreciate that they were able to travel to Chicago.

Now it's back to real life...

sharing an ipad / brothers / aunts and uncles / skyline / dinos at the Field Museum / Reef being silly / Chicago River / bean / Millennium Park beer garden / classic bean picture / playing in the water / Reef having fun / cousins / the youngins holding hands / my basting stick / pig roast in the backyard / adults and johnny / ipads for everyone / the great-grandma / my cousins with our grandmother / Edmyr and Reef

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