Sunday, July 15, 2012

cookie dough cupcakes

I made a bet with my boyfriend for a dozen cookie dough cupcakes which I ended up losing. Although, it wasn't too much of a loss for me because baking is something that I enjoy but don't get a chance to do too often in order to save my thighs from a few extra pounds. I decided to go semi-homemade and used boxed chocolate cake mix but made my own filling, frosting, and garnish.

I used this egg-less cookie dough recipe for the filling because salmonella is no fun, right? I thought freezing and baking it inside the cupcake would keep it a doughy consistency, but it turned out kind of cakey. I think next time I will just core and fill the cupcakes with the cookie dough. I also used the leftover dough for the garnish which I baked at 350 and broke into pieces after it was cooled.

The frosting is THIS amazing buttercream recipe which I learned from my sister. Her blog is amazing so if you have the chance you should check it out. Anyways, I tripled it and made a third of the sugar brown sugar to mimic the cookies.

My boyfriend ended up loving them and this is something I definitely end up making again. However, losing is not something that I like doing so hopefully he'll be the one baking next time. 

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