Wednesday, August 29, 2012

rhinestone bracelet diy

I know that stackable bracelets are kind of a summer thing, but I honestly believe that with the right colors, they'll look really nice in the fall as well. I made this bracelet to pass the time while traveling. It's relatively easy to do and low cost so it's definitely worth the try.

I used two colors here but you can use one if you would like. I think that a burgundy would look really nice because I have been obsessed with that color lately. All you need is embroidery floss, a safety pin, and a strip of rhinestones which can all be found at Walmart or a craft store like Micheals.

I am  really bad teacher so I'll leave you with these pictures and This link to a tutorial that teaches you how to create a bracelet like this. The only difference is that I used the rhinestone strip in the center.

Good luck!

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